Using LinkedIn to find new hire prospects can be a time consuming process.  While LinkedIn is undeniably the best source for finding professionals, it doesn't allow you to get contact details and doesn't support exporting lists from Sales Navigator.  In the end, you need to cobble together multiple different services to be able to build and enrich prospect lists - which can get complex and expensive.

Use this template to search for new hire prospects and find their contact information in minutes, without ever leaving your Google Sheet. Then use our built in CRM integrations to send to your CRM & start converting.

How it works
  • Enter a job title or function and up to 3 skill keywords.
  • You can add location to filter results further.
  • Pickaxe will find LinkedIn profiles according to your search parameters & paste results to your Google Sheet in seconds.
  • Select the profiles you want to retrieve contact information for and Pickaxe will find validated business emails for your selections.
  • You can choose to push your leads to any one of our CRM integration partners.‍

Use Cases
People Data Labs

Limited early access spots available

Pickaxe will be free to install for all beta users