If you already have a list of prospect names that you want to go after, but no contact information - this is the template for you. Simply add names & companies to the template and Pickaxe will go and find verified business email addresses, in seconds.

This template uses People Data Labs & Hunter to find contact information.

How it works
  • Enter your prospect's names and companies into the correct columns in the template.
  • If you have the company domain, enter into the domain column. If not, Pickaxe will try to resolve the domain from the company name. (Entering a domain manually will be more accurate)
  • Pickaxe will attempt to fetch emails from our People Data Labs & Hunter integrations and add into your Google Sheet.
  • You will also get a Bounce Risk rating. Emails that are marked 'Very Low' are verified.
  • You can choose to push your leads to any one of our CRM integration partners.‍

Use Cases
Sales & BD
Competitive Research
People Data Labs

Limited early access spots available

Pickaxe will be free to install for all beta users