If you already have a list of potential candidate names that you want to go after, but no contact information - this is the template for you. Simply add names & companies to the template and Pickaxe will go and find personal email addresses, in seconds.

This template uses People Data Labs & Hunter to find contact information.

How it works
  • Enter names and companies into the correct columns in the template.
  • If you already have a LinkedIn profile URL, make sure to add that. If not, you can use Pickaxe to fetch LinkedIn profiles from the side menu. NOTE: Email accuracy is much higher if a LinkedIn profile is added.
  • If you have the company domain, enter into the domain column. If not, Pickaxe will try to resolve the domain from the company name. (Entering a domain manually will be more accurate)
  • Pickaxe will attempt to fetch emails from our People Data Labs & Hunter integrations and add into your Google Sheet. In this template, Pickaxe attempts to fetch personal emails first. If it does not find a personal email, it will attempt to fetch a professional email.
  • You will also get a Bounce Risk rating. Emails that are marked 'Very Low' are verified.
Use Cases
People Data Labs

Limited early access spots available

Pickaxe will be free to install for all beta users