Superpower Templates for Google Sheets

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Find company domains
Find company domains/URLs for a list of company names in seconds.
Fetch emails for a list of sales prospects that you already have
Enrich an existing list of names with LinkedIn profiles and professional emails
Fetch contact information for a list of potential hires
Enrich an existing list of names with LinkedIn profiles and personal emails so you can build an effective outreach strategy
Get competitor website stats
Understand how your competitors are shaping up. Get bounce rate, visits, growth on any website.
Find sales prospects at specific companies
Build a list of new sales prospects at your target companies
Monitor competitor press/news coverage
Build a list of your competitor's press and news appearances.
Find YouTube channels
Build and analyze a list of YouTube channels to partner with
Find Tiktok profiles
Build a list of TikTok profiles in seconds
Find people to hire in a particular location, or by skill
Build a list of potential new candidates and their contact information
Find people to hire from specific companies
Build a list of target candidates by searching for people at specific companies, and fetching their emails
Search for Reddit posts from a Google Sheet
Search for Reddit posts where you or your competitors are mentioned and better understand how your users are talking about you on social.
Find sales prospects in a particular location
Build sales prospect lists by searching for people regardless of company.
Search for writers on Substack
Build a list of writers across Substack within seconds


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